This time, Jimmy Pedro is sure he's fought in his last Olympics.

Pedro won a bronze medal in the 161-pound class, completing a brutal, seven-bout day by beating Daniel Fernandes of France.

Afterward, the 33-year-old announced he would not be back for the Beijing Games in 2008.

He has retired before -- after the Sydney Olympics in 2000. But now, Pedro says it's for real. He has agreed to compete for a team in Germany -- but no more Olympics.

"I knew I could still do it," Pedro said of his comeback, which started in March 2003. "I know I can't do it four years from now."

Pedro's shot at a gold medal ended with a loss in the round of 16 to eventual gold medalist Lee Won Hee of South Korea, but he recovered to become the first American to win two judo medals. He also won bronze in 1996 in Atlanta.

Lee beat Russia's Vitaliy Makarov in the final. Leandro Guilheiro of Brazil won the other consolation round to share the bronze medal with Pedro.

In the women's 126-pound class, Yvonne Boenisch of Germany won gold, North Korea's Kye Sun Hui took the silver, and Deborah Gravenstijn of the Netherlands and Yurieleidys Lupetey of Cuba shared the bronze.

"It's the perfect ending to a fantastic career for me," Pedro said.

Jimmy Pedro, left, beats Daniel Fernandes, wins bronze, then retires.