Former heavyweight champion Riddick Bowe is coming out of retirement after a 17-month prison stint, with a return to the ring scheduled for Sept. 25.

His first fight since December 1996 will be against journeyman Jeff Lally (23-23-1, 10 KOs) at Fire Lake Casino in Shawnee, Okla.

Bowe (40-1, 32 KOs), who turned 37 on Aug. 10, was released from federal prison in mid-May for kidnapping his first wife, Judy Bowe, and their five children in 1998. While in prison, Bowe reportedly lost 50 to 100 pounds on a regimen that included daily three-mile runs.

During his trial, the judge barred Bowe from boxing because of possible brain damage, but according to Bowe's attorney, the order was withdrawn when he was released from prison. His attorney added that Bowe is fit to box after undergoing neurological testing.

Bowe was a silver medalist at the 1988 Olympics. He became the undisputed heavyweight champ after beating Evander Holyfield in 1992 but lost the crown to Holyfield the next year.

* FOOTBALL: A state grand jury in Denver wrapped up its investigation into the sex-and-alcohol recruiting scandal in Colorado's football program. There was no immediate word on whether the panel handed up any criminal indictments.

The jurors, who began meeting in May, filed out of the courtroom without comment. Assistant Attorney General Brian Whitney said the grand jury had been dismissed and refused to say whether criminal charges will be filed.

Ken Lane, spokesman for Attorney General Ken Salazar, said he could not comment on pending investigations. "When we have something to report, we will," he said.

* BASKETBALL: Attorneys for a former Baylor University basketball player accused of killing a teammate say he is incompetent to stand trial and should be sent to a state psychiatric hospital for treatment.

Carlton Dotson's attorneys filed a motion asking for a delay in court proceedings until the competency issue is addressed. The murder trial is set for Oct. 11, but a defense psychologist has deemed Dotson incompetent for trial.

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Riddick Bowe, left, who lost the heavyweight title to Evander Holyfield in 1993, is coming out of retirement at age 37. He is slated to fight on Sept. 25.