It's hot and steamy and we've been waiting nearly three years for Major League Baseball to make a decision on where to relocate the Expos. So if some of the Talkbackers appear cranky, it's understandable.

You wrote that we're huge saps for allowing the Baltimore Orioles to hold a "FanFest" in Washington this month. That is exactly why Bud Selig has gotten away with jerking us around forever. But the biggest sap of all was you for giving such extensive and favorable press to the Orioles. You wrongfully created the illusion that they are our home team. Give them the same coverage of other nearby teams like the Pirates and Phillies.

Phil Dunton, McLean

P.S. I doubt you will print this.

Well, Phil, as the newspaper's former sports editor I was responsible for assigning Orioles coverage. Even though I'm not very smart geography-wise, I was still able to figure out Baltimore is closer to us than Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

I heard recently that Peter Angelos bankrolled the Greek (20 of 24 players are American) national baseball team so it could compete at the Athens Olympics. Isn't he worried they may steal some Oriole fans?

Enrique Sanchez-Armass, Alexandria

Angelos has said he does not oppose MLB moving the Expos to Greece.

I'm 13 years old. I'm dying for a Northern Virginia baseball team. It takes me 21/2 hours to get to an Orioles game. I love baseball. Is there anyway we could organize a petition in favor of a team at Dulles?

Courtney Clinton, Fairfax Station

I think it's a little late for petitions, but Selig never misses this column and will, I'm sure, consider your request.

Although I am resigned to the Las Vegas or Norfolk Expos next season, I was curious about one point involving the D.C. baseball effort. I have read about a number of potential stadium sites in the city -- except for the one that perhaps makes the most sense: the old D.C. Convention Center. The site is centrally located, is essentially empty, takes up an entire block and it is accessible to a couple of Metro stops.

Scott Badami, Washington

Too costly and maybe not enough space for stadium on your site, I hear, but if you're thinking Vegas or Norfolk it's moot, right?