A Sept. 5 Sports article incorrectly said that Bob Milloy coached the Dallas Cowboys' Richie Anderson at Sherwood High School. Anderson was coached by Bob Stroup. (Published 9/7/04)

Good Counsel's Bob Milloy, 60, begins his 35th season as a head football coach in the Washington area. He coached and taught successfully in the Montgomery County Public Schools system at Whitman (four years), Springbrook (18 years) and Sherwood (nine years) before taking over four years ago at Good Counsel, a private school in Wheaton, which competes in the Washington Catholic Athletic Conference. A number of his players have received college scholarships and several, including Springbrook's Shawn Springs (Washington Redskins) and Sherwood's Richie Anderson (Dallas Cowboys), play in the NFL. Good Counsel is ranked No. 4 in The Post's preseason Top 20.

GS: Does the job and game have the same importance in high school as it did when you started?

BM: The interest is the same if not better. When we played Georgetown Prep at our place last year, we had 8,000 people at the game. Coaching high school football is a 12-month-a-year job now: keeping kids on the right track academically, making sure they're on the weights. The kids are bigger and faster and there's more distractions for them. But they want to be there. Over the years, I've backed off a little. When you ask them to do something, they want reasons, so I try to explain things and give them reasons. We give each of our players a card of "consequences" -- to show them everything they do has consequences. Their parents are more involved, when it comes to playing time.

GS: Are you concerned with high school players emulating the showboating antics of some NFL and college players?

BM: We talk to our players about how we expect them to act on the field. We have rules against taunting, or fighting, and if you're kicked out of a game, you miss the next game. They know how I feel.

GS: What do you enjoy most about coaching?

BM: You have a hard week of practice and pull out a win, your kids look at you and you know they're thanking you for helping them. I like the kids and push them to do things maybe they didn't think they could do. I try to teach them fundamentals. Everyone has a niche in life; this is mine. I enjoy it.