1. The Funky Chicken: Billy "White Shoes" Johnson

Often imitated but never duplicated, the wide receiver for the Houston Oilers and Atlanta Falcons set the standard for end zone celebrations with the Funky Chicken. Who can forget the sight of Johnson scissor kicking and rolling the ball up his arms and down his neck?

2. The Lambeau Leap: Green Bay Packers

Safety LeRoy Butler was the first Packer credited with jumping into the stands at Lambeau Field in 1993, but wide receiver Robert Brooks turned it into a staple the next season, and soon many teammates took the plunge as well.

3. The Fun Bunch: Washington Redskins

Football fans shook RFK Stadium when Redskins players, led by the wide receivers, gathered in the end zone after a touchdown for a group high-five. Sometimes the stray Cowboys player (such as Everson Walls) tried to intervene, and eventually the league issued a rule in 1984 that was intended to limit extravagant end zone celebrations.

4. The California Quake: Butch Johnson

After scoring, the former Cowboys wide receiver would pretend his hands were six-shooters, fire away, blow the smoke from his fingertips and place his hands back at his sides as if to reholster. The league eventually forced Johnson to retire his Wild West antics.

5. The First End Zone Dance: Elmo Wright

Terrell Owens, Joe Horn and Chad Johnson should be thanking the former Chiefs wide receiver, who on Nov. 18, 1973, caught a touchdown pass from Len Dawson, then began running in place and churning his arms before spiking the ball.

Honorable Mention: Ex-Giants wide receiver Homer Jones, who is credited with the first post-touchdown spike.

-- Gene Wang