Memorial Coliseum

The Plan: Keep historic elements on the facade; new stadium within the structure with 68,000 seats that could grow to 78,000 or more for big events; 200 club suites, 15,000 club seats.

The Biggest Plus: Location, location, location -- it's near.

The Main Problem: Still has image problem among some NFL owners because of poor experiences in the Raiders days.

The Prognosis: Thought to be the leader until Anaheim entered the picture. Still a very good possibility.

The Rose Bowl

The Plan: Two four-level towers with 200 luxury suites; has about 65,000 seats and could add 10,000 more temporary seats.

The Biggest Plus: A beautiful setting only 20 minutes from downtown Los Angeles.

The Main Problem: Traffic on game days and concerns from neighborhood and historic preservation groups.

The Prognosis: Definitely a major contender, if only because of its history and location.


The Plan: Build a 70,500-seat stadium near Angel Stadium and the Arrowhead Pond.

The Biggest Plus: Orange County has population of over three million, with a burgeoning corporate community.

The Main Problem: Not really the Los Angeles market the league previously has targeted.

The Prognosis: The NFL must have a reason for putting the city in the picture.


The Plan: Build a stadium in the 70,000-seat range on a 157-acre undeveloped parcel. No stadium design completed.

The Biggest Plus: Only 25 minutes from downtown and very close to Home Depot Center, with a soccer stadium and Olympic training facilities, as well as fields to allow a team to hold training camp on the premises, as Chargers did this year.

The Main Problem: Located on a former landfill with toxic-waste concerns that could add as much as $80 million to the cost of any stadium.

The Prognosis: A longshot, but plenty of potential.

-- Leonard Shapiro