Florida State football coach Bobby Bowden has managed to be at practice this entire week -- and won't miss any time before the fourth-ranked Seminoles' season opener Friday at No. 5 Miami -- despite the loss of his grandson and former son-in-law in a car accident Monday.

Bowden said he will not mention the death of his grandson, 15-year-old Bowden Madden, to his team.

"They have come to me, many of them, and offered their condolences," Bowden said yesterday. "I would not try to dare use that as any motive for my team to play hard. I wouldn't even bring it up. It's just a matter of coaches preparing to practice and being sure they focus on it."

FSU was supposed to face Miami on Monday, but Hurricane Frances forced postponement of the game to Friday. The Seminoles leave Tallahassee Thursday, the same day as the funeral for Bowden Madden. Bobby Bowden will fly in a private plane to the 10 a.m. funeral in Fort Walton, Fla., and then join his team in Miami that evening.

Bowden's son, Tommy, the head coach at Clemson, also will attend the funeral. Clemson is preparing to play Georgia Tech on Saturday.

The elder Bowden said he has never dealt with such a week before.

"To me, this is life," he said. "I've experienced it with my players -- a player that loses a mother, a player that loses a father, a player that loses a brother. Somebody can't tell you how it feels when it hasn't happened to you. Well, now it's happened to me."

-- Barry Svrluga