If the Redskins can feed off the frenzied atmosphere at FedEx Field, their chances of opening Joe Gibbs's second run as head coach with a victory will increase. There will be a rush of emotion as Gibbs returns to the field, and perhaps the team can finally make this new stadium a difficult place for opponents, one aspect sorely missing since Washington moved to the Maryland suburbs. RFK Stadium used to literally shake and pulsate, and there will be no better time for the Redskins to begin re-creating that environment than opening day. Since 2000 the Redskins are 16-16 at home, a lowly mark for any NFL team and particularly troublesome for a franchise that is known for the passion of its fans. There was an abundance of empty seats during the preseason and Gibbs has yet to be fully enveloped in the kind of ovation that will come this afternoon. Putting some points on the board early -- or merely making a few big plays on offense or defense -- should help sustain the roar.

Redskins fans are looking for more victories to go with the passion they bring to FedEx Field. Washington is just 16-16 at home since 2000.