Keys to successful stickhandling

* Ball Distribution: Broaddus controls the center of the field for the Wildcats and is effective at moving the ball from side to side and finding attacking players. "It's easier to be able to split defenders and then see the space that somebody's going to run [into]."

* Field Vision: Players who can see the gaps in a defense without worrying about the ball at their feet are the ones who create scoring chances for themselves and their teammates. "If you have the experience to be a good stickhandler, then you can see the entire field well."

* Quick Touches: The faster a player can get a stick on the ball, the faster it can be moved to open spaces, and the tougher it is for defenses to react appropriately.

Extra Help: Skills players work to develop

* Free Hits: These give teams a chance to reverse field position and generate scoring chances. However, they also result in numerous turnovers as many players hit the ball too high. Broaddus says effective free hits start with "being able to control your stick, shift your weight and follow through."

Extra Help Part II: Situational Stick Skills

* Odd-Man Rushes: When a player is forced to create for herself and another player, the player must identify the location of the defender and where to attack simultaneously. "It just kind of comes with playing," Centreville Coach Kim Crouse said. "Any situation where there's a one-on-one or a two-on-one, that's going to help your stick skills."

-- Ashton Williams