So much going on: Expos close to being relocated by MLB, the Redskins open the season, hockey shutting down. Talkbackers don't know where to begin.

How can more than 90,000 fans trek to FedEx Field, yet the Orioles can still draw 47,000 fans against the Yankees at home on the same day? I thought the D.C. area was critical to the Orioles. Conceivably, some of the football fans attend Orioles games. The Ravens were on TV at the same time as the Orioles, too. It seems the Orioles did just fine with attendance, but it's probably because of the Yankees and not the O's. Did Peter Angelos even notice?

Greg Licamele. Fairfax

Angelos notices everything. But someone should tell him the crossover between Redskins and Raven fans is nonexistent and both teams thrive at the gate. The Orioles will lose some attendance from the Washington area if the Expos move here, but not enough for him to have been so steadfast and greedy in his opposition.

I attended my one Orioles game for the year last week. And if Peter Angelos is relying on me and my wife as his "Washington area fan base," he's in trouble. Yankees fans outnumbered the O's fans by 20 to 1. Maybe Angelos should challenge the existence of an American League team in New York.

Jim Smith, Crofton

Regardless of whether the Expos move here, the Orioles will fill Oriole Park when they play the Yankees and Red Sox. But they'll need to improve their performance to generate interest in Baltimore.

I've just returned from the Redskins-Tampa Bay game at FedEx Field where with about five minutes left in the third quarter, the Buccaneers scored a tying touchdown on a fumble recovery. I still do not know who scored or how because I sit in the far end zone and couldn't see the play. The public address announcer didn't tell me what happened, nor was the play replayed on the scoreboard.

Dan Connors, Arlington

Redskins spokesman Karl Swanson said the public address announcer did inform fans of the Tampa Bay touchdown. But details of who scored (Ronde Barber) or a scoreboard replay were missing. I'm old school: The P.A. announcer ought to be impartial, not be a cheerleader for the home team. And replays of both teams' key plays should be shown.