A Waco, Tex., judge yesterday appointed a third expert to examine a former Baylor basketball player charged with killing a teammate. Two other experts found Carlton Dotson incompetent to stand trial in the shooting death of Patrick Dennehy.

The appointment of psychiatrist Stephen Mark was required by law after the prosecution and defense said their experts agreed Dotson is mentally incompetent.

If Mark agrees with the other experts, Judge George Allen could send Dotson to a state mental hospital for 120 days. If Mark disagrees, the judge probably would hold a competency hearing where the judge or a jury could decide the matter.

Dotson, 22, faces a maximum sentence of life in prison if convicted of shooting Dennehy in a field a few miles from Baylor's Waco campus last year.

During yesterday's brief hearing, the judge also postponed the Oct. 11 trial until the competency issue is resolved.

The defense has said its psychologist, George Parker, evaluated Dotson last month and found that the former athlete had trouble focusing, took a long time to do simple tasks and started mumbling and laughing at odd times. However, Parker has said it is likely that Dotson can regain competency with treatment and medication.

McLennan County District Attorney John Segrest declined to specify what the state psychiatrist, Richard Coons, found after talking with Dotson last week.

"We concur that there is some evidence to support a finding of incompetency," Segrest said yesterday after the hearing.

Mark has until late October to evaluate Dotson and give his report to the court, Allen said.

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