An investigation into the circumstances surrounding the Bladensburg-Potomac (Md.) football game Saturday has determined that a Bladensburg player cracked the rear window on the team bus, Prince George's County supervisor of athletics Earl Hawkins said yesterday.

Bladensburg Coach Franklin Kimpson on Saturday said that as his team was boarding its bus after the game, someone threw a brick at the bus and cracked the window. The game had been stopped by Bladensburg officials with five minutes remaining in the third quarter and Potomac leading, 43-0, because, according to Kimpson, his players felt threatened by Potomac's fans and the game had gotten out of control.

Kimpson yesterday acknowledged that he was only told that a brick had been thrown at the bus but reiterated his claim that his players felt threatened. However, principals from both schools yesterday said they believed there was not a problem with crowd control.

Bladensburg Principal Madeline Blanding said she and her staff decided to stop the game shortly after a Bladensburg player was ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct because she believed that the lopsided score was causing the school's players to become frustrated.

"It was just one of those things where a kid had something unsportsmanlike on the field and their crowd was upset," Blanding said. "To say their crowd was threatening us -- no, I didn't feel threatened by them, but one individual could do something."

Said Potomac Principal Sandra Nelson: "I have no idea why the coach would say his players would feel threatened. We don't allow that at Potomac."

-- Josh Barr