American League

TeamWLPctGB#yNew York9657.627 -- 6Boston9161.59941/2 --

TeamWLPctGB#Oakland8765.572 -- 9Anaheim8567.5592 -- Texas8567.5592 --

TeamWLPctGB#Boston9161.599 -- 5Anaheim8567.56361/2 -- Texas8567.55961/2 -- x-Late game; y-clinched playoff berth.

# -- Magic number (total wins and/or opponent losses needed to clinch).

Today's Games

N.Y. Yankees at Boston, 7:05

Seattle at Texas, 8:05

Oakland at Anaheim, 10:05

N.Y. Yankees

Saturday-Sunday: at Boston

Tuesday-Thursday: vs. Minnesota

Oct. 1-3: at Toronto


Saturday-Sunday: vs. N.Y. Yankees

Monday-Wednesday: at Tampa Bay

Oct. 1-3: at Baltimore


Saturday-Sunday: vs. Oakland

Monday-Thursday: at Texas

Oct. 1-3: at Oakland


Saturday-Sunday: at Anaheim

Monday-Thursday: vs. Seattle

Oct. 1-3: vs. Anaheim


Saturday-Sunday: vs. Seattle

Monday-Thursday: vs. Anaheim

Oct. 1-3: at Seattle

National League

TeamWLPctGB#xLos Angeles8665.570 -- 11San Francisco8667.5621 --

TeamWLPctGB#Chicago8666.566 -- 11San Francisco8667.5621/2Houston8469.54921/2 -- xSan Diego8270.5394 -- x-Late game.

# -- Magic number (total wins and/or opponent losses needed to clinch).

Today's Games

Chicago at N.Y. Mets, 7:10

Houston at Milwaukee, 8:05

Arizona at San Diego, 10:05

Los Angeles at San Francisco, 10:15

Los Angeles

Saturday-Sunday: at San Francisco

Monday-Thursday: vs. Colorado

Oct. 1-3: vs. San Francisco

San Francisco

Saturday-Sunday: vs. Los Angeles

Tuesday-Thursday: at San Diego

Oct. 1-3: at Los Angeles


Saturday-Sunday: at N.Y. Mets

Monday-Thursday: vs. Cincinnati

Oct. 1-3: vs. Atlanta


Saturday-Sunday: at Milwaukee

Monday-Wednesday: vs. St. Louis

Oct. 1-3: vs. Colorado

San Diego

Saturday-Sunday: vs. Arizona

Tuesday-Thursday: vs. San Francisco

Oct. 1-3: at Arizona