"Pops" finally made his college football debut -- at age 39.

Tim Frisby, an Army veteran who is a walk-on wide receiver for South Carolina, went in for the final three plays of the Gamecocks' 17-7 victory over visiting Troy.

Frisby got a loud cheer from the crowd of 79,700 at Williams-Brice Stadium, then lined up by himself wide to the right as the Gamecocks ran three times through the middle to finish things off.

The NCAA gave Frisby, a 20-year Army vet who retired this summer, clearance to play for the Gamecocks this week. Eligibility questions from his time at two Allentown, Pa., high schools kept him on the sideline for games against Georgia and South Florida.

Frisby was among five Gamecocks who led the rest of the team in pregame calisthenics. He raised his helmet to the sky like his teammates during the opening kickoff. Then he stood on the sideline and watched until making his debut at the end.

Frisby has six children, and the oldest, who is 16, is nearly the age of some of Frisby's teammates.

During his military career, Frisby was a Ranger-qualified member of the 82nd Airborne Division. He served in Desert Storm and the conflict in Kosovo.

He carries a 3.8 grade-point average in broadcast journalism, which he hopes to turn into a second career.

-- Associated Press