Keys to stopping the penalty kick

* Don't guess. Kickers always give the keeper clues, so watch their body language. If the kicker approaches the ball from an angle, he'll likely kick the ball across his body. If the kicker opens his foot before striking the ball, he probably will direct the ball in the opposite direction. And remember, the ball always goes where the hips point.

* Be a student of the game. Study your opponents' tendencies as the game unfolds. Does a particular player prefer simple passes and shots? Do they try to make the pretty passes and shot? "Knowing what an individual likes to do helps a lot," Quinn said. "Big strong guys will probably just try to crush the ball, while the small, fast strikers may try to make it look good."

* Try to break the kicker's concentration. Goalkeepers are allowed to move side to side on the goal line, so long as they do not move forward. Sometimes a well-timed body fake to one side or the other, just as the kicker approaches the ball, can distract the kicker and lead to a mistake. "You don't want to do that every time," Quinn said. "But it has worked for me."

-- Tarik El-Bashir