Ben Hostetler


River Hill | Sr.

Last Week: 21-7 victory over Wilde Lake This week's dispatch comes from River Hill quarterback Ben Hostetler, Howard County's leading passer with 530 yards and seven touchdowns. Hostetler has led the Hawks to a 5-0 record, the best start in school history.

River Hill just hosted its first night football game in school history, defeating Wilde Lake, 21-7, on Friday. Did that affect how you planned for the game?

No. Everyone was talking about how cool it was to be playing at night, and kids and teachers talked about it all week. But we still focused on Wilde Lake and didn't do anything different, except we had a spaghetti dinner a few hours before the game instead of the night before when we played [on a Saturday] afternoon.

Do you tinker with the offense since your brother, Daniel, and cousin, Josh, are two of your receivers?

I've been throwing to them in my backyard all my life. And if we call a play for a fade and the slant is open, it's gotten to where we can look at each other and change the play.

Since you also start at free safety this year, how has that changed your game preparation?

Before, I would take home a tape of the team we were playing and spend an hour looking at its defense and its secondary. I wanted to see what cover packages they used and how good their cornerbacks were. But now, I also spend an hour looking at the other team's offense so I know where I need to be.

You come from a long line of quarterbacks -- your dad, Doug, played at Penn State and your uncle, Jeff, led the New York Giants to a Super Bowl win -- so how do you deal with expectations?

I try not to think about it. I just go out there and try to prove myself every game. I don't mind that people associate me with them, but I want to be my own person.

-- Jon Gallo