Will this finally be The Year of Kwame Brown? Sure it will, according to the 5-foot-9, 33-year-old Kwame R. Brown, who defeated at-large D.C. Council member Harold Brazil in September's Democratic primary and is a shoo-in to win the general election next month.

When did you first hear about the other Kwame Brown?

Wow, when he was in high school. You know what happened, I did a Google search -- and this was before I started working in the Clinton administration -- and when I did the Google search I saw eight pages come up. And I was like, 'Wow, I'm a popular guy.' But they were stories about him in high school.

What did you think when the Wizards picked him?

I thought it was great. I knew at that point I could get a reservation at any restaurant at any time. I knew some of my phone calls would be returned, and that's actually happened. I get phone calls from his sister and his friends from high school, they call me at 1, 2, 3 in the morning. His long-lost sister called us [Friday] -- someone claiming to be his long-lost sister.

I've had to pull out my driver's license because sometimes people don't find it amusing when you call and say, "Reservation for Kwame Brown for two," and you get to their restaurant and they have a great table waiting for you. And I say, "I'm Kwame Brown," and they say "Huh?"

You call and they say, "How do you like Washington?" and I say, "I love Washington." And they say, "How is your mom doing?" and I say, "My mom's doing fine." And they say, "You're in the city now, you're going to miss Southern women," and I'm like, "No, I love Southern women, my wife is from Alabama." It used to be funny, but now it's like I don't want to pull out my driver's license, I am Kwame Brown.

Exactly how common of a name is Kwame Brown?

You have Kwame, like Kwame Jackson from "The Apprentice," but Kwame Brown is pretty rare. Hold up, we have three Kwame Browns living here in Washington: Kwame Brown the basketball player, Kwame Brown myself, of course, and Kwame Brown II, my son, who was born just last year. Kwame means born on Saturday, by the way.

Do you watch Wizards games?

Oh, yeah, I'm a fan of the Wizards. I'm concerned about what's going to happen with the Wizards this season; hopefully Kwame will do better. I know he's out right now, but hopefully he'll have an opportunity to shine. . . . I'm always going to support Kwame Brown. I think he represents the future, and we have to make sure we nourish and support that.

No offense, but I think the other Kwame's been a bit of a disappointment.

They say he's a disappointment, but why do they say he's a disappointment? Have we spent the time and energy on Kwame, or were we just concerned about Michael Jordan? Here you have this young guy who gets in the league, right out of high school, that is just a lot on anyone's shoulders. My sense is that, yeah, he might not have done what everyone's expectations were, but this is about improving every single year.

So you're not worried about a Kwame Brown curse?

You know what's going to happen? He's going to have a great year, and I'm going to have a very successful, great year on the council. The city is going to proud of both of us.

-- Dan Steinberg