Yankees fans might taunt the Red Sox, but they won't be able to do so with an official T-shirt.

A day before Boston and New York started the AL Championship Series, Major League Baseball recalled a T-shirt it had sanctioned because it rubbed Red Sox fans the wrong way.

The message on the shirt that drew the negative reaction read: "Hey Red Sox . . . Who's your daddy?"

The shirt bears both a Yankees logo and a picture of a red pacifier with the letter "B" on it -- a reference to remarks Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez made after a recent loss to Boston's longtime rivals. "Call the Yankees my daddy. I can't find a way to beat them at this point," Martinez said.

MLB began offering the shirt for wholesale distribution to licensed retailers over the weekend and promoted it on a Web site, spokesman Carmine Tiso said.

Yesterday, the few thousand shirts that were made were recalled from retailers, and the shirt was removed from the Web site.

"We did hear some feedback from the Boston fans, who didn't necessarily feel they were comfortable with the T-shirt and the message on it," Tiso said. "Some fans felt it went a little too far, and obviously in this instance we're listening to our fans."

-- From News Services