Florida football coach Ron Zook, right, couldn't take down Tennessee or LSU this season. But, according to published reports, Zook threatened to "take down" a University of Florida fraternity house, where members fought with football players two days before the Gators lost to the Volunteers in Knoxville, Tenn.

According to a police report obtained by the Orlando Sentinel, Zook was present at a confrontation between 10 to 15 football players and members of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity around 9:45 p.m. on Sept. 16. Witnesses told police that Zook made threatening comments toward fraternity members. A statement to police from Christopher Bullins, the university's Dean of Students and Director of Greek Life, said Zook told fraternity members: "I'm not going to let you take the [expletive] football team down. . . . I will do anything in my power to take this house down."

The police report said Bullins told police that he asked Zook and the players to leave because he thought the situation was getting out of hand. But when a player identified one of the fraternity members who had fought with football players earlier that day, the report said, Zook told the fraternity member: "Oh, you're going to get yours."

Florida Athletic Director Jeremy Foley told the Sentinel that the "whole situation is unacceptable." Coach Zook "shouldn't have had any conversations with anybody down there," Foley said.

Zook denied making confrontational remarks and said he went to the fraternity house only to prevent another fight.

"I drove in to make sure there wasn't a problem," Zook told reporters. "It's the same fraternity where a bunch of their guys, about 30 or 40 of them, jumped some of our guys the night before. I wanted to make sure there wasn't a problem."

Three fraternity members were issued sworn complaints of disorderly conduct for their involvement in the fight with the players. The football players -- offensive linemen Billy Griffin, Drew Miller and Steve Rissler -- were not charged.

Zook has a 19-12 record in his third season at Florida. The Gators lost to LSU, 24-21, last Saturday, after leading 21-7 in the second quarter.

-- Mark Schlabach