Bill Callahan,

Nebraska coach

Tommy Lee -- the former drummer of Motley Crue, the former husband of Pamela Anderson, the current high school dropout -- has enrolled at Nebraska as part of (you guessed it) a new reality series. (What, exactly, is real about that, we're not sure.) He's trying out for a spot in the marching band. (What's the name of this show? "My Tall, Skinny, Obnoxious Drummer?")

So what's next in Lincoln? People refusing to eat corn? The football team giving up 70 points in a game?

Wait. That last one happened. And, as Cornhuskers fans have duly noted this week, it happened on Callahan's watch. Only days after Nebraska lost 70-10 at Texas Tech, the first-year coach said, "I firmly believe you learn more about yourself in defeat than you do in victory." (Insert I-wonder-how-smart-heis-now joke here.)

The questions, though, are quite serious. Athletic Director Steve Pederson, who fired Frank Solich for going 9-3, was turned down by Arkansas's Houston Nutt, among others, before deciding on Callahan, who had coached the Oakland Raiders to an AFC championship in 2002, but was fired following a miserable 4-12 record in 2003.

Now this, from former Huskers great/current ESPN analyst Trev Alberts, in the Lincoln Journal-Star: "Those new coaches, they don't have any kind of real passion for Nebraska football. They're just getting paid."