Football fans can be a passionate lot, especially when they can't see their team on television. But Clay Travis is no ordinary fan. In fact, Travis may have crossed that fine line between passionate and, well, slightly mad.

A 2001 graduate of George Washington who is a lawyer in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Travis is outraged that he can't see his beloved Tennessee Titans on a weekly basis. You see, DirecTV, which holds the monopoly on the NFL Sunday Ticket package, isn't available on St. Thomas, where Travis lives with his wife, a former Titans cheerleader. That means he can only see the Titans when the local affiliates pick up their games.

To protest this outrage, Travis is doing what any red-blooded football fan would do: He is eating nothing but pudding until he can see the Titans week in and week out.

But why pudding?

"I thought, 'What's the most ridiculous, absurd food to eat,' and I thought pudding," Travis said.

This is far from a joke. As documented on his thorough Web site,, Travis has eaten 234.3 puddings (favorite flavor: "vanilla, sadly," he said) and nothing else as of Friday since the strike began. "My pants are looser but I'm losing muscle," he said.

Is Travis's crusade working? It's hard to tell, since neither the NFL or DirecTV have responded to him. And how long can he keep it up? He's hesitant to say, lest the NFL and DirecTV simply wait him out and declare victory. "I'm keeping my pudding close to my vest," Travis said.