Anthony Herbin

WR | Sr.

Gwynn Park

Last Week: 24-7 victory over Forestville This week's dispatch comes from Gwynn Park wide receiver Anthony Herbin, one of the smallest -- and most dangerous -- players in Prince George's County. Herbin, who said he is 5 feet 7 and 145 pounds but concedes that he might be 5-7 on his tiptoes, has scored six touchdowns this fall, including returning the season-opening kickoff for a score.

How does it feel to be the smallest player on the field?

It just brings me to another level and gets me ready for the competition. Everybody thinks I'm not going to be able to get off the line of scrimmage or make big plays. Me being small, it does sometimes hurt as far as scouting goes because [colleges] underestimate me and don't think I can play on the next level. I just have to prove as a player and athlete that I can do it.

Your position coach is Leslie Shepherd, who played with the Washington Redskins for most of his seven seasons in the NFL. What is that like?

He helps me in every way and keeps me focused and gets me ready for each game and what I have to do. Before each game, he tells me big players make big plays in big games. That's what I try to go out and do.

Do you have a favorite play?

A post pattern, because I usually can make the defensive back get off track by making a move. That's what I usually score my touchdowns off of.

Against Forestville last week, you fell behind 7-0, the first time the team has trailed this season. What was the reaction on the sideline and how did it feel to catch the game-tying touchdown pass on a 30-yard post pattern?

The team was kind of shocked. I just knew that someone had to make a play. I wanted to make a play and I did.