Talkbackers seem to be in a passive mood, waiting to see who wins the bidding to own Washington's new baseball team, the relocated Montreal Expos. They're waiting to buy tickets, see what the team will be called, assess the free agent market and watch the World Series. Of course, Talkbackers also are concerned about the Redskins, who were expected to be better than their 2-4 record under Joe Gibbs. Bye week allows Talkbackers a day of golf.

According to The Post, January is when the new ownership for Washington's baseball team might be in place. It's pretty clear this team needs to hit the free agent market. How's that going to happen without ownership? Will the club's current management (even though there is no GM) be given the budgetary authority to pursue significant free agents?

Rodney Whitlock, Arlington

According to team president Tony Tavares, the club is not going to be overly active in the free agent market because the ownership situation is not settled. However, the Expos were decent in the second half of the season, although patience from fans, at least in 2005, will be the order of the day. The team that plays in Washington next spring will be better than any team here since 1971, if you catch my drift.

The problem with the Redskins emanates from the black Redskins cap now worn by Coach Joe Gibbs. The bad vibes it generates can easily become rays of warmth and confidence once the burgundy hat reappears on his head and elicits the visions of those days of yore.

John Myler, Washington

More significant in the Redskins' 2-4 record than the color of Joe Gibbs's hat is the fact that Mark Brunell has been a major disappointment at quarterback, he and Clinton Portis turn the ball over too much, the line doesn't run block so well and the receivers have been lousy.

What bothers me most about going to a Redskins game is the music they blast after every play. Nothing could be less in keeping with the Redskins' old-school image than hearing "Welcome to the Jungle" in between downs. I hope someone will turn it down. I'll take my smaller portion of nachos and $25 parking, but we don't need to hear "C'mon Feel the Noise."

Gavin Glakas, Washington

I agree. We need to trade Sinatra CDs.