The AAA Northern Region's closest playoff race -- and its most convoluted -- is in the National District. The champion receives an automatic bid to the Northern Region Division 5 playoffs while the others will be left calculating power points and what-if scenarios.

Four teams -- Jefferson, Edison, Yorktown and Mount Vernon -- enter this weekend within a game of one another, with three weeks remaining in the regular season. Jefferson and Edison are 4-0 in the district; Yorktown and Mount Vernon are 3-1.

"You just have to win the next game, that's all you can worry about," Jefferson Coach Tim O'Reilly said. "I don't think we've ever won a [football] district title. But there's no sense in talking about that. We just want to win our next game. I don't think there's a team in our league that isn't saying the same thing. Everybody is in it."

A quick glance at each team's schedule reveals that little will be decided before the final games are played Nov. 12.

Yorktown has the most favorable schedule. The defending champion has Stuart, Edison and Washington-Lee remaining. But an earlier loss to Jefferson could complicate matters for the Patriots.

Edison has the most difficult task. The Eagles have Mount Vernon, Yorktown and Jefferson waiting. Mount Vernon has both Edison and Jefferson remaining. (The Majors' loss to Yorktown may come back to haunt them.) Jefferson's route to the title is no more certain: The Colonials have Mount Vernon and Edison left to play.

-- Tarik El-Bashir