Just after making his way through the handshake line following Sherwood's 17-7 victory over Blake last Friday, Warriors offensive coordinator Terry Changuris sought out a reporter to find out sophomore quarterback Deontay Twyman's statistics.

As Changuris heard the numbers -- 13 completions in 24 attempts, 234 yards, 1 touchdown and 1 interception -- a smile grew wider and wider on his face.

"An average day for the boy," Changuris said as he walked to join a postgame meeting.

Changuris, the head coach at Seneca Valley for 16 years before joining his mentor, Al Thomas, at Sherwood this year, was kidding. Sort of. While Friday night's game was one of Twyman's best statistically, it was the type of performance the Warriors have started to expect from him. In eight games, Twyman has thrown for 1,514 yards (second-best in the Washington area) on 94-of-160 passing (58.8 percent) with 13 touchdowns and 6 interceptions. Most importantly, the Warriors are 6-2 and likely headed for the Maryland 4A West Region playoffs.

"He's more mature for a 14-year-old sophomore than I expected," Thomas said. "And he's a really bright football player. He knows when he makes mistakes, and he understands what's going on and what to do. . . . And he's stayed healthy, which is something we crossed our fingers on every week."

Thomas has been concerned because Twyman stands 5 feet 9 and weighs just 127 pounds

"We could do a lot with him running the ball -- he's projected to be the starting point guard on the [varsity] basketball team, so that indicates he has some quickness," Thomas said. "But we don't run him too much."

Twyman, who led Sherwood's junior varsity to a 9-0 record last year, has done plenty through the air. Friday he showed an ability to throw on the run -- he threw a 61-yard strike to senior Chris Sheahin while rolling right -- and a knack for throwing to spaces where only his receivers have a chance to catch the ball.

"We're past the point of, 'Throw it to this guy,' " Thomas said. "Now it's 'On this route, it should be low and outside, on this route, throw it over the inside shoulder, and on this route throw it on the outside shoulder.' "

Thomas said the only thing keeping Twyman from being highly recruited already is his lack of size. But Twyman has plenty of time to grow.

"He's a 10th-grader," Sheahin said. "Do you believe that? I've never seen anything like it."

Deontay Twyman -- a 5-foot-9, 127-pound, 14-year-old sophomore -- has become one of the area's most effective quarterbacks while leading Sherwood (6-2).