Lori Macaluso, 32,


Scott MacBean, 30, Lansdowne


Runners signed up for marathon training, found love. There are a lot of reasons why people run marathons. Who knew finding a soul mate would be one of them?

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Training surveyed its runners and found that one of the primary reasons people join a marathon training group is to meet other people.

Scott MacBean and Lori Macaluso found love on the run in 2001.

"I've met some of my closest friends from doing Team in Training," Macaluso said, "In addition to my boyfriend."

Macaluso is running the Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday; MacBean is a Team in Training coach.

Macaluso, a database administrator, had not run more than six miles before she signed up to run the marathon. She became interested in Team in Training, which raises money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, because her father died of leukemia in 1997. MacBean, a program manager, had been a runner most of his life, but not competitively. His decision to run a marathon coincided with his uncle's diagnosis of lymphoma. He joined Team in Training because he too wanted to raise money for the society. His uncle died in 1999.

MacBean ran his first marathon in 2000 and became a team captain for Macaluso's first marathon, a 2001 race in Alaska.

"We met in February, at the beginning of the season," Macaluso said. "I would see him on the runs. The team was going to Alaska, but only for the weekend. I wanted to go a little bit longer so I asked him if he knew anyone going. He said he and a few friends were going a week early if I wanted to go. That's when we really got to know each other. We were friends, really good friends for a couple months and ran together, then we started dating. I didn't expect it at all. [Romance] was probably the last thing on my mind for me."

Said MacBean: "Lori and I knew each other very little before we went to Alaska. I knew her well enough certainly to allow her to come with my friends. Just being able to spend that time to get to know her and then being friends over the course of two or three months, really getting to know her, made that next transition that much easier."

Since then, MacBean and Macaluso have run several marathons together and progressed to Ironman triathlons. They bought a home. Marriage is on the horizon.

"That is certainly the next step," MacBean said.

-- Kathy Orton

Marathoners Scott MacBean, Lori Macaluso are together for the long run.