Talkbackers are getting awfully grumpy watching the Redskins stumble to a 2-5 record in Joe Gibbs's return to the sideline and keeping up with the politics involved in the Expos' move to Washington.

Mark Brunell is ranked 30th in the NFL in third-down completion percentage, and he has the fourth-worst quarterback rating. The offense ranks 28th overall in passing and 31st in points. Gibbs's clock management has been poor. Just how does all that have anything to do with last Sunday's illegal motion call? While the call was questionable, the ball should not have been snapped until a second later. Nor has there been any explanation of Brunell's interception that followed the penalty play.

Eugene Morgan, Wheaton

Eugene: It's going to take Joe Gibbs more than one season to get this right, which is surprising to many fans and media observers, including me, who expected success faster. Has Gibbs earned some slack? Absolutely.

First, MLB waits until the end of September to announce the Expos will relocate to Washington. Next, MLB says "expressions of interest" from ownership groups must be submitted by Nov. 1, with due diligence completed within a month, and firm offers submitted shortly thereafter. When? Spring training begins in four months.

The whole deal was overly complicated. Peter Angelos and his demands, having to negotiate with league officials, the debate over financing of a stadium with a time frame to meet. Plus an RFK Stadium that needs renovation. And a team essentially frozen out of the free agent market.

Ray Schneider, Frostburg, Md.

Raymundo: Calm down. You and me need to meet at Zola, have a tall one and relax. On April 15, we'll watch the Arizona Diamondbacks play Washington at RFK Stadium. It'll happen -- if the mayor and his allies keep working.

I am outraged that Mayor Anthony A. Williams would spend $440 million to build a playpen for millionaires when we have so many needs with regard to Metro, schools, roads, etc. Sally Jenkins of The Post had it right when she wrote on Sept. 25 that any revenue shortfall or cost overrun will be made up by the taxpayers. You and others who are pushing this project owe their readers a more honest appraisal of this project.

Ed Barber, Washington

I'm not in favor of Linda Cropp's last-minute November surprise. I also believe the stadium will enhance the city in many ways, as state-financed Oriole Park at Camden Yards has benefited Baltimore.