Here are the favorite teams of the architects of the Bowl Championship Series today: Nebraska, Michigan State, Wyoming and San Jose State. Get out your pom-poms, because without some upsets, we've got problems.

With just two or three games remaining for nearly everyone, six teams remain unbeaten in Division I-A: No. 1 Southern California, No. 2 Oklahoma, No. 3 Auburn, No. 4 Wisconsin, No. 7 Utah and No. 14 Boise State. The only way the BCS -- in any of its permutations -- truly works is if the season finishes with just two unbeatens.

The cleanest way for this to happen takes several steps. First, Utah and Boise State -- neither of which is a title-game factor even if they finish unbeaten -- need to go away. Next, Nebraska needs to beat Oklahoma and Michigan State must beat Wisconsin. The Badgers would then certainly be eliminated from one of the top two spots in the BCS poll. Oklahoma, second behind USC, would have a difficult time working its way back in, because . . .

The BCS people need Auburn to stay unbeaten and take the second spot behind USC. If the Tigers finish 12-0, they will have endured the brutal SEC with wins over Georgia, LSU, Tennessee, Alabama and Tennessee again in the conference title game. That would eliminate the following controversy: How can a team go through the SEC without a loss and not play for the national title?

Now, if you're a fan of chaos, root for all the unbeatens to remain that way.