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Turnovers forced by Arizona this season


Turnovers forced by Arizona all of last season Along with Chicago (see First Down), Arizona is the other team in the very exclusive 4-5 Teams on the Rise Club.

No one ever talks about the Cardinals. For one, they usually stink. For two, competitive Scrabble is a bigger draw in Arizona.

But that may soon change, thanks to a new stadium, Coach Dennis Green, a voracious defense (Bertrand Berry had four sacks last week and is second in the NFL in that stat) and quarterback Josh McCown, whose four interceptions are second-fewest in the NFC.

The Cardinals have also had some luck with their schedule, with games against the pathetic Dolphins, slipping Giants and today's tilt against the injury-decimated Panthers. They've also avoided any big injuries apart from wide receiver Anquan Boldin, who has 14 catches since returning from a preseason knee injury.

"It's good fortune and a good work ethic," Berry said this week. "Coach Green is really making sure we're not overworked during the course of the week, and we've just had some good luck not to have serious injuries."