[Dallas at Baltimore, 1]


[St. Louis at Buffalo, 1]

[Denver at

New Orleans, 1]

[Miami at Seattle, 4:05]

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[Green Bay at Houston, 8:30]


Will a true contender from the NFC please stand up?

Yes, Philadelphia, we see you. You're good. Please be seated. Anyone else? Oh, hi, Atlanta. Wins over Denver and San Diego, those are pluses. But wait. Your foes are 34-47 this season (and take out the Broncos and Chargers and they're 22-41). You rank 21st in the league in both total offense and total defense. You lost, 56-10, to the Chiefs. Sorry, but you're not what we're looking for.

The point here is that the AFC has contenders galore, with New England, Pittsburgh, Denver, San Diego, Indianapolis and Jacksonville all having legitimate chances to win it all. Even Baltimore and the Jets could go far, despite their quarterback issues.

The NFC has Philadelphia and, well, Philadelphia. True, Atlanta is 7-2, Green Bay is ascendant, the Vikings could again be dangerous if Randy Moss gets healthy and St. Louis and Seattle are worthy of at least some consideration. But would you really feel safe putting money on any of those teams to win it all (save the Eagles)?