[Detroit at Minnesota, 1]

[Atlanta at

New York Giants, 4:15]

Through their first six games, the Vikings, Giants and Seahawks were a combined 12-6. Since then, they're 3-6, a record bolstered by Seattle's wins over 2-7 Carolina and 1-8 San Francisco.

Those three teams are each 5-4 but sinking fast, though the relative weakness of the NFC could allow one, two or even all three to earn playoff berths.

The Vikings haven't been the same since Randy Moss went down with a hamstring injury, and the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported Thursday that "the chances of him being 100 percent this season are not very good." Their 30th-ranked defense isn't helping, either.

The Seahawks haven't gotten much production from quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, who despite preseason hosannas, is 13th in the league in passing yards, 12th in touchdown passes and 25th in passer rating (lower than Josh McCown, Billy Volek and Kurt Warner).

Speaking of Warner, he fumbled away his starting job behind an offensive line that has given up 40 sacks this season, worst in the league, with 24 over the last four games. It won't get any easier for New York and rookie quarterback Eli Manning. The three teams tied for the league lead in sacks (Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Baltimore) are coming up on the schedule.

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