It was like any game night at Fenway Park, except this night's game was spotting stars on the red carpet.

Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore greeted hundreds of screaming fans on Wednesday night for the world premiere of "Fever Pitch," a romantic comedy about an obsessed Boston Red Sox fan and his girlfriend that was filmed partly at the ballpark.

"Thank you very much for an experience I'll never forget as long as I live," Fallon said.

Fans, many of them young girls in face paint and T-shirts bearing the name and number of their favorite players, screamed as they kept their eyes on the red carpet running along the first base side of the Fenway Park grandstand. Afterward, the film was screened at a theater a few blocks away.

"I love Boston, I love the team, I love the people that are so emotionally affected by this sport and this team. It's just great," Barrymore said. "And it's so wonderful to learn about it and understand the history and get superstitious along with everybody."

Red Sox players had a brief cameo in the movie, which got a new ending when the Red Sox won their first World Series title in 86 years.

"This was a movie about us actually losing, until we actually won," Red Sox captain Jason Varitek said. "So it's good to have them have to change the script."

-- From News Services

Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore arrive at Fenway Park for the premiere of "Fever Pitch," a movie about an obsessed Red Sox fan and his girlfriend.