Red Sox 5W: W. Miller (2-1)

L: Cabrera (4-4)Orioles 1


Orioles third: Gibbons tripled. Fasano doubled to left, Gibbons scored. Newhan grounded out, Fasano to third. Roberts grounded out. Mora grounded out. Orioles, 1-0.

Red Sox fifth: Mueller walked. Payton grounded into fielder's choice, Mueller out. Bellhorn singled, Payton to second. Olerud doubled to center, Payton scored, Bellhorn to third. Renteria singled to left, Bellhorn scored, Olerud to third. Ortiz singled to center, Olerud scored, Renteria to third. Nixon grounded out, RHP Cabrera to 1B Palmeiro, Renteria scored, Ortiz to second. Varitek struck out. Red Sox, 4-1.

Red Sox seventh: Renteria singled. Ortiz singled, Renteria to second. Nixon walked, Renteria to third, Ortiz to second. S.Reed pitching. Varitek hit a sac fly to CF Newhan, Renteria scored. Millar grounded into a double play, Ortiz out, Nixon to second. Red Sox, 5-1.

BaltimoreABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals3015134 -- BRoberts 2b401001.368Mora 3b400000.298Tejada ss300011.317SSosa rf300010.246RPalmeiro 1b401000.276Surhoff lf401000.290Gibbons dh311000.270Fasano c301101.238Newhan cf200011.188BostonABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals3158544 -- Damon cf100000.351Olerud ph-1b311100.429Renteria ss422101.293DOrtiz dh302110.296Nixon rf200120.310Varitek c300101.316Millar 1b-lf400001.237Mueller 3b300010.269Payton lf-cf411000.226Bellhorn 2b412001.243Baltimore

001 000 000 -- 1 5 1


000 040 10x -- 5 8 0

E: Cabrera (1). LOB: Baltimore 5, Boston 7. 2B: Fasano (1), Olerud (2). 3B: Gibbons (3). RBI: Fasano (4), Olerud (2), Renteria (21), DOrtiz (39), Nixon (33), Varitek (20). SF: Varitek. GIDP: Millar.

DP: Baltimore 1 (Mora and RPalmeiro); Boston 1 (Olerud and Renteria).

BaltimoreIP HRERBBSONPERACabrera, L5C644331005.40ParrishB21110151.42SReed1 0000076.75BRyan1 00001141.33BostonIP HRERBBSONPERAWMiller, W7 511331084.85Timlin1B00001111.44MMyersC0000061.93 Parrish pitched to 3 batters in the 7th.

Inherited runners-scored: Parrish 2-0, SReed 3-1.

WP: WMiller.

T: 2:48. A: 35,147 (35,095).