Braves 5, Nationals 4W: Smoltz (4-4)

L: H. Carrasco (1-1)

S: Reitsma (2)


Braves second: LaRoche popped out. A. Jones grounded out. Estrada homered to right. Langerhans doubled. Betemit was intentionally walked. Smoltz grounded into fielder's choice. Braves, 1-0.

Nationals second: Johnson doubled. Castilla grounded out. Church doubled, Johnson scored. Schneider doubled, Church scored. Guzman grounded out, Schneider to third. On Smoltz's wild pitch, Schneider scored. Armas struck out. Nationals, 3-1.

Braves third: Giles walked. Johnson popped out. C. Jones grounded out, Giles to second. LaRoche singled, Giles scored. A. Jones grounded out. Nationals, 3-2.

Nationals sixth: Johnson grounded out. Castilla fouled out. Church doubled. Schneider was intentionally walked. Guzman singled, Church scored, Schneider to second. Baerga, pinch-hitting for Armas, struck out. Nationals, 4-2.

Braves eighth: A. Jones struck out. Estrada grounded out. Langerhans doubled. Betemit homered, Langerhans scored. Franco, pinch-hitting for Smoltz, walked. Orr pinch-running for Franco. Tucker pitching. Orr stole second. Giles singled, Orr scored. Nitkowski pitching. Jordan, pinch-hitting for Johnson. flied out. Braves, 5-4.

AtlantaABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals3559555 -- MGiles 2b411111.282Johnson lf300010.000BJordan ph-lf100000.237CJones 3b500001.306LaRoche 1b501101.241AJones cf401001.262JEstrada c512100.276Langerhans rf312000.205Betemit ss212220.310Smoltz p300001.095JuFranco ph000010.229Orr pr010000.281Reitsma p000000---WashingtonABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals3348355 -- Wilkerson cf501000.280Carroll 2b300010.245WCordero ph100000.000JGuillen rf400001.299NJohnson 1b311011.323Castilla 3b401000.288Blanco pr-3b000000.241Church lf422101.308Ayala p000000.000Schneider c111130.228CGuzman ss401100.184Armas Jr. p200001.000Baerga ph100001.229HCarrasco p000000---Tucker p000000---Nitkowski p000000---Byrd lf101000.358Atlanta

011 000 030 -- 5 9 0


030 001 000 -- 4 8 0

LOB: Atlanta 10, Washington 7. 2B: Langerhans 2 (4), NJohnson (14), Church 2 (7), Schneider (10). HR: Betemit (2), off HCarrasco; JEstrada (2), off Armas Jr.. RBI: MGiles (14), LaRoche (31), JEstrada (24), Betemit 2 (4), Church (16), Schneider (12), CGuzman (7). SB: Orr (1). S: Langerhans. GIDP: Wilkerson, JGuillen.

DP: Atlanta 2 (CJones, MGiles and LaRoche), (MGiles, Betemit and LaRoche).

AtlantaIP HRERBBSONPERASmoltz, W7 64443993.12Reitsma, S2 20012273.81WashingtonIP HRERBBSONPERAArmas Jr.6 622421165.58HCarrasco, L1C23312303.86Tucker0 1000060.00Nitkowski1 000011013.5AyalaB0000052.61 Tucker pitched to 1 batter in the 8th.

Inherited runners-scored: Tucker 1-1, Nitkowski 1-0.

IBB: off Smoltz (Schneider) 1, off Smoltz (NJohnson) 1, off Armas Jr. (Betemit) 2. HBP: by Ayala (AJones). WP: Smoltz. Balk: Armas Jr..

T: 2:56. A: 28,280 (45,250).