The Washington Redskins could announce a roster move today when post-June 1 salary cap cuts become official, but the bulk of the team's cap maneuvering will likely come later in the offseason.

The team has been mulling over what to do with linebacker Mike Barrow, return specialist Chad Morton and wide receiver Rod Gardner, and the three are currently responsible for more than $4 million in cap space. Barrow and Morton are coming off season-ending knee injuries and are not cleared to practice, while Gardner has been shopped around the league since the end of the regular season with nothing of value being offered in response.

Washington has about $1.5 million of cap space available and will need substantially more to sign its six draft picks, including two from the first round. However, negotiations with draft picks are usually conducted in July, and there is no immediate need to create cap relief. The team could wait to monitor the health of the players -- and hope a trade market forms for Gardner -- and make moves later.

Cutting Barrow would provide $1.74 million in cap space for 2005, while Gardner's release would create $2.1 million and cutting Morton would provide $540,000 in cap space. Should Morton and Barrow be unable to participate in the June 17-19 minicamp, the team could release them then.

Training camp is set to begin in late July.