Red Sox 6W: Foulke (3-3)

L: B. Ryan (0-1)Orioles 4


Red Sox first: Youkilis doubled. Renteria flied out, Youkilis to third. Ortiz grounded out, 1B Palmeiro to P Penn, Youkilis scored. M. Ramirez flied out. Red Sox, 1-0.

Orioles second: Palmeiro flied out. Surhoff grounded out. Gibbons homered to right. Gomez grounded out. Tied, 1-1.

Red Sox fourth: Ortiz walked. M. Ramirez singled, Ortiz to second. Nixon grounded out, Ortiz to third, M. Ramirez to second. Varitek doubled to left, Ortiz, M.Ramirez scored. Olerud intentionally walked. Payton walked, Varitek to third, Olerud to second. Bellhorn grounded into a double play, Payton out. Red Sox, 3-1.

Orioles sixth: Sosa walked. Palmeiro singled, Sosa to second. Surhoff doubled to center, Sosa scored, Palmeiro to third. Gibbons grounded out, 2B Bellhorn to 1B Olerud, Palmeiro scored, Surhoff to third. Gomez grounded out. Fasano flied out. Tied, 3-3.

Orioles ninth: Newhan infield single. Newhan stole second. Mora sacrificed, Newhan to third. Tejada intentionally walked. Sosa walked, Tejada to second. Palmeiro grounded into fielder's choice, 2B Bellhorn to SS Renteria, Newhan scored, Tejada to third, Sosa out. Surhoff grounded out. Orioles, 4-3.

Red Sox ninth: Damon flied out. Bellhorn infield single. Youkilis struck out. Renteria bunt single, Bellhorn to second. Ortiz homered to center, Bellhorn, Renteria scored. Red Sox, 6-4.

BaltimoreABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals36410454 -- Newhan cf512000.203Mora 3b301011.298Tejada ss401010.327SSosa dh210031.243RPalmeiro 1b511100.269Surhoff lf503100.306Gibbons rf411200.262Gomez 2b401000.409Fasano c400002.200BostonABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals3569634 -- Youkilis 3b411001.310Renteria ss511000.284DOrtiz dh421410.300MRamirez lf411001.257Nixon rf400000.302Varitek c402201.315Olerud 1b300010.353Payton cf101010.233Damon ph-cf200000.350Bellhorn 2b412001.250Baltimore

010002001 -- 4101Boston

100200003 -- 691 Two outs when winning run scored.

E: Kline (1), Renteria (9). LOB: Baltimore 11, Boston 7. 2B: Tejada (17), Surhoff (3), Youkilis (4), Varitek 2 (9), Payton (3). HR: DOrtiz (13), off BRyan; Gibbons (9), off Clement. RBI: RPalmeiro (22), Surhoff (15), Gibbons 2 (28), DOrtiz 4 (43), Varitek 2 (22). SB: Newhan (4). S: Mora. GIDP: Bellhorn.

DP: Baltimore 1 (Gomez, Tejada and RPalmeiro).

BaltimoreIP HRERBBSONPERAPenn5B43333823.60ParrishC10000141.35SReedC10000116.53Kline0 0000015.30WilliamsB0000033.22Julio1 0000062.28BRyan, LC33301262.28BostonIP HRERBBSONPERAClement6 633341013.17Timlin1 10000231.38MMyersC10000141.80Foulke, W1B21120246.48 Kline pitched to 1 batter in the 7th.

Inherited runners-scored: Kline 2-0, Williams 3-0, Foulke 1-0.

IBB: off Foulke (Tejada) 1, off Penn (Olerud) 1. HBP: by SReed (Youkilis). WP: Clement.

T: 3:23. A: 35,138 (35,095).