Emilio Garcia-Ruiz states that The Post didn't begin covering the O's until 1979, despite the fact that the O's had been playing in Baltimore since the 1950s. If The Post thinks that the O's deserve their level of coverage now, why didn't they think so when D.C. previously had a team? I suspect that The Post editors of those times did not see Baltimore as their market. That apparently changed in 1979, shortly before the time when the name Baltimore was removed from the O's uniforms and marketing materials.

I think the issue at hand is whether The Post editors should continue to see Baltimore as their market. Does The Post cover other aspects of Baltimore life with as much effort? Do we hear all of the machinations of the Baltimore City Council? Do they cover the BSO season equally with the NSO?

I, for one, hope not. If I cared about such things, I'd probably live in Baltimore.

James Landon Jones, Springfield

We baseball fans don't hate the Orioles. We hate Peter Angelos. That jerk did everything he could to keep baseball out of D.C. That he succeeded so long and so well shows what inordinate power he has.

Given the fact that Angelos acted so despicably toward D.C., The Post should impose an absolute moratorium on Orioles coverage until Angelos relinquishes control of the team. Then, it would be okay to cover the O's -- but they should never, ever appear on the front page of the sports section unless they do something truly historical or unique.

Bottom line is that Angelos dissed D.C., and dissed us bad. It's up to institutions like The Post to uphold the honor of D.C. by banishing Angelos forever.

Brendan Davis, Annandale

It most definitely is your place to choose sides in this rivalry. Now choose. Are you Washington or are you Baltimore?

If you tell me that you provide home-team coverage of the Orioles as an incentive to subscribe to The Post for those in greater Washington who choose to support Baltimore, I can understand that as a sound business decision. But please do not insult my intelligence by justifying your Orioles coverage by using the same logic as Emilio [Garcia-Ruiz], who wrote, "So we will follow the model of Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and the Bay Area in providing the best possible coverage of both teams and letting readers decide which team to support."

Charlie Sparacino, Bethesda

Of course The Post should reduce coverage of the Baltimore Orioles. It's an out-of-town team whose owner has done everything to kill baseball in D.C. and is continuing to do everything he can to undermine the Nationals. Only complete idiots would give aid and comfort to someone who is trying to hurt your community. That is what The Post does when it prominently covers the Orioles.

J. Daly, Arlington