I'm a 15-year-old girl who loves the game of baseball. Honestly, if you're a Nationals fan, does it hurt you that much to ignore what you don't want to read? I'm a huge Orioles fan (not an Angelos fan, though) and while I wasn't happy about the Nats coming to town, it's not something I can change, so guess what? I've learned to live with it. I read the sports section every day, and somehow I've managed to read only what I want to read, and not read what I don't.

If the Nationals had moved to Virginia instead of Washington, I'm sure that The Washington Post would still have covered them. Just because they have the word "Washington" in front of their name doesn't mean that that is therefore the only team anybody in the D.C. area roots for. The Washington Redskins play in Maryland, but still have "the Washington" in front of their name.

I think it's funny how people can adopt a team so fast and then make it so important, as some of the readers who have threatened to cancel their subscription have. This team just came here a few months ago and people are treating it like they've rooted for them their whole life (which I can safely say you haven't, unless you were an Expos fan). I've rooted for the O's my ENTIRE life. I'm furious that people are so crazy as to make such a big deal over this. I'm not going to cancel my subscription if The Washington Post stops covering the Orioles. This is a good thing, too, because it's not my subscription to cancel.

Melanie Moore, Rockville

Yes, Washington, D.C., now has its own team. Great, super, and all that jazz. The editorial decision to continue to cover the Orioles is the right decision. Peter Angelos may be an idiot, but the Orioles are not to blame for Angelos's idiocy. The Orioles are in the American League, and the Nationals are in the National League. Orioles fans here (like myself) are not going to drop allegiance to the team just because there is a new team even closer. That said, I should add that I have season tickets for both teams, and I still continue to support my first team -- the New York Mets.

The Post has done the right thing always putting the Nats first. We have the best of both worlds, so let's enjoy the fact that we can see a National League team and an American League just a few miles up the road.

Let's be inclusive, rather than exclusive, and realize there is room in the paper for both teams.

Marlene A. Koenig, Alexandria

Don't forget about the kids. My kids are 15 and 19 and for all their years growing up the Orioles were the only team within shouting distance that they could see and cheer on. They went to O's games in diapers and now can go themselves. There was no other game in town and they routed for their team through some good years and some very lean years. They sat in the stands when the All-Star Game was in Baltimore and they were present when Cal set and broke Lou Gehrig's record. Don't tell these kids that the O's aren't their team and that their local paper won't give them the news they need.

Leslie Shedlin, Bethesda

My heart sank Sunday after reading your note. I'm an Orioles fan and live in Fairfax County. I was just as excited as the next guy about baseball making its long overdue return to the nation's capital, but that does not mean my interest or my family's interest in the O's diminished.

To me, to even consider dropping coverage of a historic franchise that has been covered by The Post for decades, is journalistically irresponsible.

Please do not let the anger toward one man in Baltimore, take away what I consider top notch coverage of both teams and both leagues. I believe that if this comprehensive newspaper covered the Orioles similar to the Kansas City Royals, then a major disservice is being done to O's fans throughout the region and a real slap to the dedicated customers that depended on your Orioles coverage throughout the years and banked on for years to come.

James Nyberg, Fairfax

I have been a baseball fan since my father took me to the Washington Senators' games back in the 1940s -- at Griffith Stadium. When the team left Washington in 1971, I was so sad. Gradually I adopted the Baltimore Orioles and have followed them for around 30 years or so. Just because Washington finally got a baseball team back, after all these years -- doesn't mean that I'll drop my interest in the Orioles. The letters and e-mail you received suggesting that you banish the Orioles from the front page of the sports section and/or delete any mention at all of the team is absolutely ridiculous, as if Peter Angelos would know or care.

Josephine Zukav, Rockville