Rangers reliever Francisco Cordero regretted making a crude gesture toward the Royals' dugout the moment he made it. He was making no apologies for hitting Shane Costa with a pitch, though.

Cordero nearly sparked a brawl after getting the last out of the Rangers' 8-1 victory when he took several steps toward the Royals' dugout and grabbed his crotch.

The dugouts emptied, but the umpires stepped in between the teams after a few tense moments and the players left the field.

"I want to say I'm sorry about one thing, what I did in front of the fans and the kids," Cordero said.

Cordero was upset that Royals Manager Buddy Bell came out ask the umpires to issue a warning after Cordero hit Costa with a pitch with one out in the ninth inning.

"I don't know why he was yelling at me for some reason," Cordero said. "I'm just doing my job. Why did he get upset? They hit [Alfonso] Soriano earlier and nobody said nothing about it, nobody complained.

"When I'm the mound, I've got to get people out. I don't try to hit anybody."

Bell saw things differently.

"On a 3-and-0 pitch, you have to have a better idea than that," Bell said of Cordero's control. "That was a blatant hit by pitch. I didn't like it and our guys didn't like it, either."

Soriano was hit in the back of his left leg by a pitch from Zack Greinke in the third inning and left in the seventh.

"I looked over and Cordero grabbed himself," Royals C John Buck said. "Sure they beat us, but there's no reason to come over and act like an idiot in front of our dugout."

* GETTING TOGETHER: One day after firing Hall of Famer Eddie Murray, Indians Manager Eric Wedge held a team meeting before Cleveland's game against the White Sox.

Wedge fired Murray on Saturday as hitting coach of the Indians, whose sputtering offense has been a major disappointment.

Wedge talked to the players briefly before the game.

"Some things are within your control and some things are beyond your control, but it's about the players," Wedge said. "I trust in the character and the strength of these players. Right along with that, I trust their abilities. We're going to be fine."

Minor league hitting coordinator Derek Shelton will take over the job on an interim basis for the rest of the season.

* WORSENING WOES: The Devil Rays' record on the road is 4-23. The team has lost every series away from home this season.

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Indians Manager Eric Wedge held a team meeting the day after firing hitting coach Eddie Murray. "Some things are within your control and some things are beyond your control," Wedge said.