Frank Robinson may have mellowed in his older age, allowing the peculiarities of today's ballplayers to run off him like they wouldn't have in previous times. But there is one thing you still don't do to the Nationals manager, and that is to give him a cold shoulder when he is on the field.

Yesterday, Robinson fined pitcher Tomo Ohka for what the team called "contempt" for turning his back on him when he came to pull the pitcher in the fourth inning of Saturday night's game. The amount of the fine was $1,000, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

Robinson was furious at Ohka's lack of civility, calling it "pure selfishness."

"It sets a bad precedent," he said. "Fans see it. Other players see it. It sets a bad example. We talk about chemistry and the chemistry should be sky high right now and it is, but one person can bring it down."

Byrd Adds to Nats' Woes

Robinson said little about replays of Marlon Bryd's collision with umpire Joe Brinkman on Saturday, figuring anything that he said might influence any action the league might take today. What upset Robinson, however, was the fact that Byrd got himself ejected at a time when the team is depleted. Brad Wilkerson cannot bat because of forearm pain and Jose Guillen was in the game that night even though he had been hit on the throwing hand.