Pirates 6, Orioles 5W: Meadows (2-0); L: Julio (2-2); S: Mesa (17)


Orioles second: Tejada flied out. Sosa homered to left. Surhoff singled. Gibbons grounded into a double play. Orioles, 1-0.

Orioles third: Fasano homered to center. Penn walked. Nivar struck out. Gomez grounded into a double play. Orioles, 2-0.

Orioles fourth: Mora homered to left. Tejada doubled. Sosa was intentionally walked. Surhoff flied out. Gibbons grounded into a double play. Orioles, 3-0.

Orioles fifth: Fasano homered to left. Penn flied out. Nivar singled. Vogelsong pitching. Gomez flied out. Mora flied out. Orioles, 4-0.

Orioles sixth: Tejada doubled. Sosa grounded out. Surhoff grounded out. Gibbons singled to right, Tejada scored. Orioles, 5-0.

Pirates sixth: Lawton walked. Doumit flied out. Mackowiak singled, Lawton to second. Bay walked, loading the bases. Parrish pitching. On Parrish's wild pitch, Lawton scored, runners advanced. Ward doubled to right, Mackowiak scored, Bay to third. S. Reed pitching. Castillo flied out. T. Redman grounded out. Orioles, 5-2.

Pirates eighth: Julio pitching. Mackowiak singled. Bay walked, Mackowiak to second. Ward homered to center, Mackowiak and Bay scored. Castillo grounded out. T.Redman flied out. J.Wilson homered to left. Restovich, pinch hitting for Meadows, struck out. Pirates, 6-5.

BaltimoreABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals35511533 -- Nivar cf401001.364BRoberts ph100000.366Gomez 2b500000.385Mora 3b411101.309Tejada ss412000.329SSosa rf312110.244Surhoff lf402000.320Gibbons 1b301100.265SReed p000000---Kline p000000---Newhan ph000010.209Julio p000000---Fasano c422201.263Penn p100010.000Parrish p000000---RPalmeiro 1b200000.257Calzado pr000000.200PittsburghABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals3067551 -- Lawton rf210020.271Doumit c401000.167Cota c000000.247Mackowiak 3b322010.336Bay lf211020.286Ward 1b412400.288Castillo 2b400000.294TRedman cf400000.248JWilson ss311100.236DWilliams p100000.105Vogelsong p100000.000Hill ph100000.254Meadows p000000---Restovich ph100001.246Mesa p000000---Baltimore

011111000 -- 5110Pittsburgh

00000204x -- 671 E: Ward (5). LOB: Baltimore 6, Pittsburgh 6. 2B: Tejada 2 (20), Surhoff (5), Doumit (1), Ward (11). HR: JWilson (3), off Julio; Ward (11), off Julio; Mora (12), off DWilliams; Fasano 2 (4), off DWilliams 2; SSosa (6), off DWilliams. RBI: Mora (39), SSosa (18), Gibbons (32), Fasano 2 (6), Ward 4 (31), JWilson (11). CS: JWilson (3). GIDP: Gomez 2, Gibbons 2.

DP: Pittsburgh 4 (JWilson, Castillo and Ward), (DWilliams, Castillo and Ward), (Ward, JWilson and DWilliams), (JWilson, Castillo and Ward).

BaltimoreIP HRERBBSONPERAPenn5B32230733.52Parrish0 1000031.13S. Reed0 0000156.14Kline0 001095.14Julio, L1 34411263.09PittsburghIP HRERBBSONPERADWilliams4B74421614.06Vogelsong2C21100265.13Meadows, W1 20012195.56Mesa, S1 0000084.03 Parrish pitched to 1 batter in the 6th.

Inherited runners-scored: SReed 2-0, Kline 1-0, Parrish 3-2, Vogelsong 1-0.IBB: off Meadows (Newhan) 1, off DWilliams (SSosa) 1. HBP: by SReed (JWilson). WP: Parrish. T: 2:35. A: 21,422 (38,496).