-- Deion Sanders officially rejoined the Baltimore Ravens on Wednesday afternoon, and he brought the playful, confident "Prime Time" persona back with him.

The likely future Hall of Fame cornerback will be 38 years old when he takes the field for his 14th NFL season in the fall, but said that he is looking forward to making plays and trying to win his third Super Bowl ring.

"I just think I can make plays," said Sanders, who ended his three-year retirement to join the Ravens last September. "You know that, everybody knows that. I think fans want to see that . . . I gave everyone a commercial last year. I want to give them a movie."

Sanders agreed to the financial terms of the deal over the weekend, but he wasn't able to sign the one-year, $1.5 million contract until he was cleared medically. That came on Wednesday afternoon.

"I think I have unfinished business, particularly on behalf of last season," said Sanders, who also cited his friendship with several Ravens as a reason for returning. "I think there was never a doubt with my teammates or the brass of the Ravens [that] I could perform, but I think with some of the reporters or public [there was], but that shouldn't be a doubt. The only problem is how can I perform, how long can I stay on the field? That's something I need your prayers about. If I stay on the field, I'm going to make plays."

Sanders made plays when he was on the field last season for the 9-7 Ravens -- he had three interceptions, one of which he returned for a touchdown -- but the challenge was staying healthy. He sat out two games early with a hamstring injury and missed five games late in the year with a left toe injury. He had surgery on the toe in the offseason.

Coach Brian Billick has said that he thinks Sanders could have more of an impact this season, particularly since he will participate in mini-camp and training camp. Also, Sanders has prepared for this season much differently than last year. "I was at a pool, laying out when they called me to come back last year. Tanning," he said.

Instead, he has spent the past couple of months preparing to play football, and he began working out twice a day on his own at the start of June. Sanders wouldn't say if this will be his final season in the NFL. But when asked if he wanted to take some snaps on offense, Sanders replied, "I don't know if Coach Billick is going to swing that way, but I would hope so. Especially if this is the last go-round, I want to go out with everything I've got."