ABC drew 27 percent lower television ratings for Thursday night's opening game of the NBA Finals than a year ago.

The Pistons-Spurs game at SBC Center in San Antonio was watched by an average of 7.2 percent of the 109.6 million U.S. households with televisions, according to Nielsen Media Research. Last year's Finals opener matching the Pistons and Lakers drew 9.8 percent of viewers.

* BOGUT SPEAKS UP: Andrew Bogut made several things clear yesterday: He could see himself playing for the Bucks or Hawks next season. For that matter, he can see, period. He is not in danger of losing his eyesight, he said.

Former Utah coach Rick Majerus reportedly told NBA executives a few weeks ago that Bogut has a degenerative eye disease. So besides the usual questions about his background, his strengths and weaknesses, the 7-foot Australian center from Utah found himself discussing his eyesight and his former coach during a pre-draft news conference.

Bogut, who did not get along well with Majerus, said he hasn't spoken with his former coach since the rumor circulated. And when asked about his relationship with Majerus, Bogut responded tersely: "Fine."

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