Orioles second: Tejada doubled. Sosa homered to center, Tejada scored. Palmeiro grounded out. Marrero grounded out. Gil singled. Ponson doubled, Gil to third. Roberts singled to center, Gil scored, Ponson to third. Newhan flied out. Orioles, 3-0.

Reds second: Griffey Jr. walked. Dunn singled, Griffey Jr. to second. Aurilia homered to left, Griffey Jr., Dunn scored. Cruz grounded out. Valentin grounded out. Ortiz grounded out. Tied, 3-3.

Orioles third: Mora grounded out. Tejada flied out. Sosa homered to left. Palmeiro walked. Marrero struck out. Orioles, 4-3.

Reds third: F. Lopez infield double. Randa flied out, F.Lopez to third. Casey singled to right, F. Lopez scored. Griffey Jr. grounded into fielder's choice, Casey out. Dunn struck out. Tied, 4-4.

Reds fifth: Randa popped out. Casey singled. Griffey Jr. homered to right, Casey scored. Dunn grounded out. Aurilia flied out. Reds, 6-4.

Reds sixth: Cruz singled. On Ponson's wild pitch, Cruz to second. Kelly pinch-running for Cruz. Valentin popped out. Ortiz struck out. F. Lopez singled to left, Kelly scored. Randa grounded out. Reds, 7-4.

Reds seventh: Casey singled. Griffey Jr. doubled, Casey to third. Dunn intentionally walked. Williams pitching. Aurilia singled to left, Casey scored, Griffey Jr. to third, Dunn to second. Kelly singled to center, Griffey Jr., Dunn scored, Aurilia to second. Valentin flied out. Pena pinch-hitting for Ortiz, struck out. F. Lopez grounded out. Reds 10-4.

Orioles ninth: Sosa singled. Palmeiro singled, Sosa to third. Marrero singled to left, Sosa scored, Palmeiro to second. Gomez pinch-hitting for Gil, struck out. Surhoff pinch-hitting for Baldwin. On Keisler's wild pitch, Palmeiro to third, Marrero to second. Surhoff grounded out, Palmeiro scored, Marrero to third. Roberts struck out. Reds, 10-6.