Two days after the Washington Nationals brought in Junior Spivey to replace him, second baseman Jose Vidro said he could recover from a torn ligament in his left ankle in two weeks -- almost a month earlier than the team initially anticipated.

Vidro, who went on the disabled list May 9, visited a foot specialist yesterday morning, and the doctor was impressed with his recovery, Vidro said.

He'll begin an exercise program this week, and he plans to meet the team Saturday in Texas to start a running program.

"If everything goes the way it is now, I could be back in two weeks," Vidro said. "My ankle feels great. The treatment's been going really good. It looks like I'll be back much earlier than we thought."

Until then, Spivey will fill his spot. Acquired in a trade with the Milwaukee Brewers on Friday, Spivey homered in his second consecutive start Sunday. A 2002 all-star and a career .272 hitter, he makes a worthy replacement for Vidro.

But will Spivey be content as a replacement?

"I'm not even thinking about my situation like said," Spivey said Saturday. "Right now, I'm playing every day, and that's how I like it. When [Vidro] comes back, then we'll see."

Robinson to Have Eye Surgery

Manager Frank Robinson will undergo laser vision correction surgery on his right eye this morning in Los Angeles, but he still expects to manage the Nationals against the Angels tonight in Anaheim.

"If it's left up to me whether or not I'm there, I'd say yes, because it's not going to be painful," Robinson said. "It's just a matter of how dopey I can be. Some of the moves I make might make you think I was always dopey, but at least I would have a legit excuse this time."