Orioles 8W: Penn (1-0)

L: Backe (6-4)

S: BRyan (17)Astros 5


Astros second: Ensberg fouled out. Lamb singled. Lane homered to left, Lamb scored. Everett flied out. Quintero grounded out. Astros, 2-0.

Orioles second: Palmeiro doubled. Gibbons homered to right, Palmeiro scored. Bigbie homered to center. Fasano popped out. Newhan singled. Roberts grounded into fielder's choice, Newhan out. Mora doubled to right, Roberts scored. Tejada infield single, Mora to third. Sosa doubled to left, Mora, Tejada scored. Palmeiro flied out. Orioles, 6-2.

Orioles third: Gibbons lined out. Bigbie singled. Bigbie stole second. Fasano struck out. Newhan doubled, Bigbie scored. On Taveras' error, Newhan to third. Roberts flied out. Orioles, 7-2.

Astros sixth: Biggio popped out. Berkman walked. Ensberg homered to center, Berkman scored. Lamb singled. On Penn's wild pitch, Lamb to second. Lane flied out, Lamb to third. Williams pitching. Everett doubled, Lamb scored. Quintero grounded out. Orioles, 7-5.

Orioles sixth: Sosa singled. Palmeiro grounded out, Sosa to second. Gibbons grounded out, Sosa to third. Bigbie singled, Sosa scored. Burns pitching. Fasano struck out. Orioles, 8-5.

HoustonABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals3559531 -- Taveras cf501000.294Burke lf500000.187Biggio 2b401010.275Berkman dh310010.248Ensberg 3b211210.279Lamb 1b423000.214Lane rf411201.243AEverett ss401100.245Quintero c300000.071JVizcaino ph101000.263BaltimoreABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals38814865 -- BRoberts 2b512000.362Mora 3b211130.305Tejada ss411010.324SSosa rf412211.257RPalmeiro 1b512000.259Gibbons dh511200.262Bigbie lf423211.259Fasano c500003.245Newhan cf402100.202Houston

020003000 -- 592Baltimore

06100100x -- 8140 E: Taveras (1), Ensberg (6). LOB: Houston 7, Baltimore 12. 2B: AEverett (17), BRoberts (15), Mora (15), SSosa (8), RPalmeiro (8), Newhan (4). HR: Ensberg (15), off Penn; Bigbie (1), off Backe; Gibbons (10), off Backe; Lane (9), off Penn. RBI: Ensberg 2 (38), Lane 2 (26), AEverett (24), Mora (43), SSosa 2 (23), Gibbons 2 (34), Bigbie 2 (11), Newhan (12). SB: Lamb (1), Bigbie (2). GIDP: SSosa.

DP: Houston 1 (Biggio, AEverett and Lamb); Baltimore 1 (Penn and RPalmeiro).

HoustonIP HRERBBSONPERABacke, L3C107722774.88Harville1B10020235.40JoFrancoC21100106.52Burns1B10021328.10Springer1 00002176.45BaltimoreIP HRERBBSONPERAPenn, W5C75521914.71Williams1B10010164.13Julio1 00000142.97BRyan, S1 10000121.93 Inherited runners-scored: Harville 2-0, Burns 1-0, Williams 1-1.

HBP: by Julio (Ensberg). WP: Penn.

T: 3:11. A: 23,297 (48,290).