-- In the wake of Tuesday night's altercation between Washington Manager Frank Robinson and Anaheim Manager Mike Scioscia, Robinson said Wednesday that he was concerned Nationals right fielder Jose Guillen might have hit somebody had he not been restrained.

"I don't know it for sure," Robinson said. "But he probably would have."

After Scioscia and Robinson engaged in a heated exchange over the ejection of Angels pitcher Brendan Donnelly -- who was found to have pine tar on his glove -- Guillen became incensed because he felt Scioscia "didn't show Frank any respect." Guillen was restrained by bench coach Eddie Rodriguez, among others, and was hauled into the dugout. An inning later, Guillen hit the game-tying two-run homer that sparked the Nationals' 6-3 victory.

Last year, when Guillen played for Anaheim, Scioscia and Guillen had an intense argument in the Angels' clubhouse after Guillen was removed for a pinch runner and tossed his helmet in Scioscia's direction. The incident led to Guillen's suspension, facilitated his trade to Washington in the offseason and added another layer of intrigue to Tuesday's events.

"How can Mike do that to Frank?" Guillen said. "What does that show?"

Guillen was asked if he was worried the Angels might retaliate by pitching him high and inside in Wednesday's series finale. "I've never been afraid of anyone," Guillen said. "I will never be afraid of anyone. I hope that happens. I swear to God, I hope that happens."

Nationals General Manager Jim Bowden said his primary concern during the fracas was that none of his players got hurt, and that Guillen's reaction wasn't out of line.

"Whether it's Lou Piniella or Jose Guillen or myself, some of us have tempers," Bowden said, "and sometimes, they come out when you want to win that bad, when you want to protect what's right that bad."

Though Robinson believed Guillen was capable of punching someone, he denied that Guillen snapped.

"That's not snapping," Robinson said. Snapping "is a guy who's out of control for no reason. Over-reacting."

Robinson was asked whether Guillen would have been within his rights to punch a member of the Angels.

"If he feels like he has a good reason to, yes," Robinson said.