Rangers 7W: R. Rodriguez (2-0)

L: Armas Jr. (3-4)Nationals 4


Rangers first: Dellucci flied out. M.Young singled. Teixeira homered to right, M.Young scored. Blalock flied out. Soriano homered to left. Mench flied out. Rangers, 3-0.

Rangers second: Nix walked. Matthews Jr. homered to right, Nix scored. Barajas grounded out. Dellucci singled. On Armas' wild pitch, Dellucci to second. M.Young struck out. On Armas' wild pitch, Dellucci to third. Teixeira homered to left, Dellucci scored. Blalock walked. Soriano flied out. Rangers, 7-0.

Nationals fourth: Guillen grounded out. Johnson grounded out. Church homered to center. W.Cordero lined out. Rangers, 7-1.

Nationals eighth: Schneider singled. Guzman homered to right, Schneider scored. Loe pitching. Carroll grounded out. Spivey grounded out. Guillen grounded out. Rangers, 7-3.

Nationals ninth: Blanco flied out. Church homered to center. W.Cordero lined out. Byrd struck out. Rangers, 7-4.

WashingtonABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals3447403 -- Wilkerson cf300001.271Carroll 3b100000.246Spivey 2b401000.223JGuillen rf400001.286NJohnson 1b300000.323Blanco 1b100000.275Church lf423200.322WCordero dh400000.042Castilla 3b200000.263Byrd cf200001.317Schneider c312000.249CGuzman ss311200.206TexasABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals3379765 -- Dellucci dh511001.250MYoung ss512001.321Teixeira 1b423410.296Blalock 3b100030.291ASoriano 2b411101.293Mench lf401000.304Nix cf310010.239Matthews rf411201.250Barajas c300011.254Washington

000100021 -- 470Texas

34000000x -- 790 LOB: Washington 3, Texas 8. 2B: Schneider (11), Teixeira (18). HR: CGuzman (3), off RRodriguez; Church 2 (7), off Loe, RRodriguez; Matthews (2), off Armas Jr.; ASoriano (19), off Armas Jr.; Teixeira 2 (19), off Armas Jr. 2. RBI: Church 2 (26), CGuzman 2 (11), Teixeira 4 (55), ASoriano (46), Matthews 2 (11).

WashingtonIP HRERBBSONPERAArmas Jr., L5 777431035.21HCarrasco2 10012332.57Ayala1 10010202.25TexasIP HRERBBSONPERARRodriguez, W7 633021023.75Loe2 11101202.87 RRodriguez pitched to 2 batters in the 8th.

WP: Armas Jr. 2. PB: Barajas.

T: 2:28. A: 48,663 (49,115).