As a rule, most of my Talkbackers don't stay up very late. But with the Nationals in Anaheim playing the Angels this past week, fans were burning the midnight oil to see or hear if Washington could maintain its lead in the National League East. Only many frustrated Nats fans can't watch them because of a legal fight between Comcast and MASN. Guys, please, for the good of the town and the game, settle this.

In response to your suggestion that someone in this area could watch the Nats games by buying DirecTV's MLB "Extra Innings" package, I've got Extra Innings and those games are blacked out to anyone within a couple hundred miles, even if Mid-Atlantic Sports Network (MASN) doesn't carry the game. I called MASN and was told they couldn't do anything about it. Then I called the MLB offices in New York and was told this was a rule they just couldn't waive. But I was then told if I could get all 31 owners to agree, then maybe they could. Unbelievable, isn't it?

John Athridge, Bethesda

I believe games shown on WDCA-20 are not available on DirecTV. Also, ESPN telecasts are blacked out when DirecTV's channel 626 has the games. Does that confuse the issue for you even more?

Your comment last Sunday about fans not staying in their seats is right on the mark. I have an aisle seat on the 200 level and am always missing pitches because folks don't understand that they should wait for inning breaks (or at least, in between batters) to get up. The ushers could help with this and the vendors also need to learn to pour beer while kneeling. Otherwise, it's great to have a team.

Dale Rhines, Alexandria

It's been 34 years since many Washington area fans have gone to major league baseball games. Fans have to learn how to be fans again, starting with the premise that it's a baseball game and not a buffet. Bathroom breaks, however, are permitted.

I have nothing against the Baltimore Orioles -- except they are not the Washington Nationals. I'm one of those guys who used to go to RFK (well, Dad took me) to see the Senators. What's happening this season is a major deal for me and my family.

I sent my dad in Florida a Father's Day package this morning, including used tickets from the Nationals games against the Mets and Brewers. Told him his team is back, better than ever.

Dean Ahearn, Hyattsville

Nice touch with that Father's Day gift; I bet your dad would love to see a game at RFK.