-- Gary Majewski got to spend Father's Day in his home state of Texas, but the two men he would most like to have been there -- his father, Gerry, and his grandfather, Bruno -- were nowhere near Ameriquest Field.

"It's kind of weird," Majewski said. "It would've been great for them to be here."

His grandfather, with whom he grew up in Houston, was supposed to watch Majewski, a right-handed reliever for the Washington Nationals, pitch against the Texas Rangers, but he was discovered last week to have a 90 percent blockage in one artery, and is scheduled to undergo angioplasty and have a stent inserted on Friday.

Majewski's father, formerly a police officer in his home town of Houston, is in Afghanistan as part of a State Department operation to train police forces there. He has performed such duties in Bosnia and Kosovo, typically spending 11 months overseas, then returning for a month.

"He comes back for deer hunting season," Gary Majewski said. But Gerry has never seen his son pitch in a major league game.

Majewski said when he pitched Friday night, allowing two inherited runners to score and giving up a run himself in an 8-1 loss, he wasn't mentally ready to pitch because of his grandfather's situation. Sunday, he pitched one scoreless inning to close out an 8-2 win.

"You have to leave off-field stuff off the field," he said. "I'm learning."

Wilkerson Drives In Four

Brad Wilkerson, who had one RBI in his previous 16 games, drove in four with a single and a three-run double. A nagging right forearm injury bothers him, and he said it prevents him from lifting the ball. After hitting 32 homers last season, he has three this year -- and admits he has changed his approach, just trying to hit the ball hard somewhere. "If it calls for me to hit 10 home runs this year instead of 30," he said, "so be it."